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Okan Seese is deaf, gay and half Turkish. He is Germany's only deaf comedian who also plays for hearing viewers. In his program, expectations are turned upside down, because an interpreter, who is not paid by the hour but by the laugh, translates the gestures for the audience. And Okan only pays for laughs he can hear.

The interpreter is none other than Archie Clapp. This promises to be even funnier. With every performance, the certainty grows that humor is a universal language that can be used to build a bridge between the deaf and the hearing.

Can deaf people do something with music? How do you hear your alarm clock? Are they allowed to drive at all? How do deaf people actually make calls?! Can you dial 911? And does she turn on moaning during sex?

With great self-mockery and – for the listener – an unusual perspective, Okan speaks, forgive me, from his everyday life. He skilfully plays with stereotypes, only to break them again the next moment. His humor is surprising and honest, his facial expressions are easy to fall in love with, Okan takes his audience into a fascinating world with a strong community, a rich culture and his own expressive language.

(Program in German)
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