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OK boomer is a musical revue that rubs up against feminist discourses, an evening of dance, a karaoke event, an intergenerational chart show, an (in-)official hit list. A top of the pops, queering pop and music industry. AHH (Golschan Ahmad Haschemi & Banafshe Hourmazdi) take the audience on a queer time warp through the last decades of pop discourse: from »Männer« soft pop to still unrepresented or underrepresented artists of color. In search of them, OK boomer delves into an archive where they find, alongside existing songs, all that they miss: They rewrite, reinterpret, compose and empower themselves of all those songs they wish they had.

KEY VISUAL OK boomer © Maxim Gorki Theater - 2022

AHH close the gaps of the decades, blur the boundaries between real and fictional archives and deliver a queer gala of superlatives!

Content Note: At times there is partial nudity. One scene touches on the subjects of state violence, torture and suicide.
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Maxim Gorki Theater: Studio Я