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Hans and Georg have been meeting every evening in their local bar “Faith, Love, Hope” for 30 years. Many philosophical thoughts are moved here, the world's secrets are explored or everyday walks are reported. The landlady Theodora is always there, takes part and is part of their lives, secretly adored by both of them. They have been vying for Theodora's attention for almost 30 years.

But now she has disappeared - without a word - for two weeks. The two still come every evening, drink schnapps and worry, become melancholic, one full of hope, the other suffering. They reflect on their unlived lives.

Then a mysterious letter lies on the floor in the pub - how did it get here? It is not addressed to anyone.

The theater group “Light & Shadow” cordially invites you to the Protestant community hall, Schillerpromenade 16 in Berlin-Neukölln.

Admission: 10 euros / reduced price 6 euros

Reservations: 685 33 84

(In German language)
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