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What can art do, what limitations does it come up against, what taboos does it face? What should and must art do? Who speaks for whom? Who understands whom? And what is a work of art anyway?

Ode © Arno Declair

Like pinballs in an arcade machine, different attitudes collide in Thomas Melle’s commissioned work for the Deutsches Theater Berlin. It is disturbing, funny and dazzling. And in the midst of the actors Fratzer, Orlando and Präzisa stands a dam: in possession of unambiguity and truth, and the willingness to enforce both. Ode paints a dystopian picture of an ultra-nervous, overwrought society in a permanently delirious state.

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Additional information
by Thomas Melle Director: Lilja Rupprecht
Participating artists
Lilja Rupprecht (Regie)
Anne Ehrlich (Bühne)
Christina Schmitt (Kostüme)
Philipp Rohmer (Musik)
Moritz Grewenig (Video)
Jana Rath (Choreografie)
Kristina Jedelsky (Licht)
Juliane Koepp (Dramaturgie)
Katrin Wichmann (Fratzer)
Manuel Harder (Orlando)
Alexander Khuon (Präzisa)
Natali Seelig (Präzisa)
Ensemble (Die Wehr)
Jonas Sippel (Die Wehr)
Juliana Götze (Die Wehr)
Philipp Rohmer (Live-Musik)
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Kammerspiele