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Album Release

Even in their 15th year on stage together, every concert with Yxalag is an experience. The sworn community enchants the audience again and again with their joy, their energy and their versatility.

In their fifth studio album, the band has once again discovered new styles and sound worlds complementary to the beloved klezmer, and has devoted itself to Sephardic music, among other things. In addition to compositions penned by clarinetist Jakob Lakner, new guitarist David Klüttig also introduces himself - with a composition in the style of the Jazz Manouche Waltz. In this album, Yxalag once again puts the power of the music completely in the foreground. A power that can overcome borders through the dynamics of different cultural influences and from which music has always lived. The ensemble sees music as a vehicle to promote cultural exchange and to demand it from the audience.For the first time at the Theater im Delphi, Yxalag celebrates the release of their new album "Ochil Yom".

Yxalag, that's seven personalities, seven worlds of experience and seven times the drive to keep discovering, inventing and interpreting new music in addition to the passion for klezmer music. Founded 15 years ago at the Musikhochschule Lübeck, the ensemble turns every concert weekend into a celebration of reunion and shared joy in playing. With five albums under their belt, Yxalag is a welcome guest on international stages and festivals.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Kayako Bruckmann (Violine, Viola, Drums)
Juliane Färber-Rambo (Violine)
David Klüttig (Gitarre)
Jakob Lakner (Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Doumbek, Vocals)
Ulrich von Neumann-Cosel (Kontrabass)
Nele Schmidt (Violine, Viola)
Luka Stankovic (Trombone)