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Nugara is a new power jazz trio. They offer a repertoire of original pieces ranging from hardpop to modern jazz.

“Atmospheres extremely well connected with elegance and taste, which manage to highlight the personalities and the
knowledge of the multiple musical languages of Francesco Negri, Viden Spassov, and Francesco V. Parsi. This is already a Trio with a capital T and with ample room for growth. Well done!”

Dado Moroni
Francesco Negri, Viden Spassov, and Francesco V. Parsi are three young musicians from different cities in Italy, namely Genoa, Turin, and Florence. They met at the Nuoro Jazz 2021 seminars, where, thanks to a fortunate twist of fate, they found themselves together as winners of the annual scholarships for the best students. This marks the birth of the Nugara Trio, who decide to pay tribute to their place of birth and the magic of Sardinia with a name derived from “Nugoro,” an ancient name for Nuoro.

Three musicians, three different souls, three spirits that have crossed paths almost by chance, like three lines that intersect in the unknown of infnity at a single point—the point of convergence, the point from which the Trio’s music is born. It is a music that defes easy artistic and genre categorization, rich, complex, and melodic. Each of the three musicians brings their own musical and cultural baggage to the album, often in confict, the result of a creative process that is never mundane and sometimes contradictory, yet always capable of achieving a degree of balance and harmony that makes “Point of Convergency” an album that lives its own life and renews itself in each of its eight tracks.

Like the vertices of a triangle converging at a central point, the three musicians have infused their compositions with some of their major musical infuences, to which they owe a debt. From classical and romantic music to folk and world music, pop, progressive rock, and fnally jazz, which, with its ability to absorb inspirations and return them with a new face, completes the circle.

  • Francesco Negri – piano
  • Viden Spassov – doublebass
  • Francesco Parsi – drums

Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.
Note: The Peppi is a smoking bar. Admission from 18 years.

Live auf YouTube