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a surrealistic dance solo

A surreal dance-like collage of images and stories that brings the bizarreness and funny illogic of dreams to the stage. It accompanies the audience into a world where anything is possible, where everything can be something else and communicate with everything else.

It questions the truth of what we see, what we think we believe, and opens the door to unlimited interpretations. The piece wants to talk about openness and acceptance towards what we don't understand, towards ourselves with all our hidden sides and towards everything that surrounds us. It highlights the importance of looking at our surroundings from different perspectives and leaving room for doubt and imagination.

Concept, choreography and dance: Cristiana Casadio Outside eye & artistic mentoring: Brit Rodemund, Julia Christ, Stefan Sing

Production: Julie Peters

Participating artists
Cristiana Casadio (Choreographie)
Cristiana Casadio