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In the 6th century, the Irish monk Brendan Dingle left southwest Ireland and crossed the North Atlantic via the "Stepping Stone" route: via the Scottish Hebrides, the Faroe Islands and Iceland to the North American mainland. 200 years later, Vikings penetrated from Norway through the Faroe Islands and Iceland to Newfoundland and further to Minnesota. In 1976, adventurer Tim Severin repeated the Brendan Route across the Atlantic in an Old Irish leather boat.

With Hannah Alkire (cello, vocals) and Joe Scott (guitar, vocals) from Acoustic Eidolon, with Ireland's most famous violinist Máire Breatnach and the Berlin harpist and photographer Thomas Loefke, four musicians are now musically embarking on this stepping stone route and preparing a celebration of Celtic and acoustic music, accompanied by light images that also bring the route to life visually.
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Participating artists
Hannah Alkire
Joe Scott
Máire Breatnach
Thomas Loefke