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Three young people imagine that the climate catastrophe has occurred, and they are sitting in the International Children's Court. In the dock: Their neighbor Mrs. Salzmann, who has to explain that her lifestyle is not partly responsible for climate change.

At the end of the trial, the children in the courtroom make the decision: Is Mrs. Salzmann partly responsible? Should she be found guilty or not?

In a multimedia production based on the book by Thomas Sutter, director Yüksel Yolcu and his ensemble take us to the central question of our time: When will we realize that there is no plan B for this world? Will we still be able to stop climate change? Video contributions by Greta Thunberg and documentary videos have their place in this production, as do performative and associative elements. A space for thought is created that provides impulses for everyone to take the reins of action into their own hands.

This production is the first time that the ATZE Musiktheater has staged a play with children and young people. For it is above all children who look to the future with fears and do not understand why adults shirk their responsibility.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Sinem Altan (Musikalische Leitung)
Thomas Sutter (Buch)
Yüksel Yolcu (Regie)
Sinem Altan (Komponist/in)
Thomas Sutter (Komponist/in)
Ulv Jakobsen
Jeanette Muttschall
Marc Jungreithmeier
Kevin Paetzold
Jasper Diederich
Henryik Weidl
Esther Agricola
Jonathan Bamberg
Evelyne Cannard
Charlotte Clemens
Mathieu Pelletier
Mik Steinbach
Özgur Ersoy
Begüm Tüzemen