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Should my robot be similar to me? Playing with science, fiction and a companionship bot, Post Theater and Taiwanese performer Po Fu Wu explore the nature of our new companions in a not too distant future.

NO MAN IS AN iSLAND tells the story of a diverse robot on an island in the Pacific, 160 kilometers off the Chinese mainland. It contrasts the illusion of “neutrality” of intelligent machines with an identity utopia. But who decides what character and identity a robot should have? Does the manufacturer, owner or the bot itself determine this? And should a cultural origin be felt?

AI applications are repeatedly accused of racism or at least prejudiced text or image production - “machine learning” ultimately learns from people. If AI soon leaves the industrial production halls as robotics: How much leeway should customers have to anchor their own values in the systems and thus create personality? How strict should the bot be with the children? How polite to strangers? And: what status will the increasingly successful imitation of real people have over time: programmed worker or emancipated comrade? And do we even want people to be their role models?

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