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"Soul Is Heavy" was the title of Nneka's third album, which was released in 2011. And the title is simply programmatic for the Nigerian. You can hear it on her new album from February 2022, the first in five years, which she has just as programmatically called "Love Supreme".

Nneka Idona Asamoah

Nneka's new work is a search and a finding. For this, she paces her songs and her thoughts in her driving mix of neo-soul, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, Afrobeats and electro. For her new album, she also collaborated with DJ Farhot again in a very proven way. The two developed wonderful sounds that let the introspective lyrics of the album float.

Although the record is actually a search for herself, Nneka says, it's still the most political record she's made so far. Because she clarifies the basics here, because she defines herself in the world, thereby sharpening her attitude, and also because the music is a search for God.

As difficult as this sounds, the music, on the other hand, is so easy. Never before has a philosophical lecture sounded so funky, so groovy, so cool. Fortunately, Nneka is now also going on tour with this album.

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