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Various choirs from the church district and also the Hönow church choir create a festival of vocal music together. The opportunity to experience many different choirs in one evening, to hear their different sounds and to experience their different stylistic focuses in a concentrated manner, is what makes the Choir Night so special.

  • Karlshorst choir
  • Studio choir Karlshorst
  • Women of the Lichtenberger Cantatas Choir
  • Friedrichshagener Kantorei
  • Canto Corale
  • Hönow church choir
  • Mahlsdorf church choir
  • Choir of the parish of Hellersdorf

The “Night of the Choirs” is an event organized by the Berlin Süd-Ost church district. Many of the participating choirs are led by full-time and part-time church musicians. This year, great emphasis will also be placed on singing together: there will be open singing in one program block.

In a musical evening blessing, which will conclude the night of the choirs at 10 p.m., choir songs will be heard that were written specifically by the church musicians for this occasion. During a break between the program blocks, a small snack will be provided to ensure your physical well-being.