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Fairy Tales, Myths and True Stories Beyond the Visible

Lavinia Knop-Walling, a blind storyteller from Berlin and winner of the young talent promotion program from Schätzkunst e.V. and VEE, presents captivating fairy tales, myths and stories beyond the visible.

Often it is not the darkness itself that frightens us most, but its companions - the worry, the delusion, the loneliness and the nightmares. Amidst the deep, impenetrable veil of night, there are stories of those who bravely face the children of the night. There is a girl who feels lost in the darkness of the street and doesn't dare move forward or backward because she realizes for the first time that she is blind. Another girl faces the monsters of the night and wins back her father's heart.

The storytelling program aims to open your eyes, illuminate the darkness and show that not only fears lurk in the night, but also lights of hope.

Following the story, there will be an opportunity for an audience discussion and an open stage.

(Program in German)