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As is to be expected from the New Piano Trio, we experience an exploration of the here and now of the musical world scenery, an intercultural game beyond genre boundaries.

New Piano Trio
New Piano Trio © Andrej Grilc

Already on the trio's debut album, Florian Willeitner, the compositional mastermind of the trio, succeeded with the "Fuga in Odd" in an astonishing interweaving of strict counterpoint with Balkanese rhythmic fire. All listening expectations were immediately turned upside down.

  • Florian Willeitner - violin
  • Ivan Turkalj - cello
  • Alexander Wienand - piano
Additional information
Admission: 15 euros, reduced rate 10 euros
Reduction for severely disabled persons, pupils, students and holders of a Berlin Pass.

By public transport:
U7 Parchimer Allee
M44 Britzer Damm/Tempelhofer Weg
M46 Fulhamer Allee
Bus 181 Britzer Damm/Mohriner Allee
Schloss Britz (Kulturstall)