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NENSI was founded in 1992 by Anatoly Bondarenko and Andrey Kostenko in Konstantinovka (Donetsk region, Ukraine). Already at the end of 1992 the group "Nancy" takes part in the Donetsk Music Festival "Wind from the East" and receives the audience award. In 1993 the newspaper "Banner of Industry" awards the group "Nancy" as the best group of the year. The band is best known for its song "Dym sigaret s mentolom" ("Дым сигарет с ментолом" - "Menthol cigarette smoking".

Urania Berlin e.V.

"NENSI" come from the 90s and stayed. The German tour of the group "NENSI" guarantees to be a performance full of vivid emotions.

The audience will be part of an enchanting concert, diving into an ocean of love and optimism, listening to painful songs and experiencing a live band that gives a lot of positivity.

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Urania - Humboldtsaal