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be human is to suffer. Despite all efforts to combat it through
development and technology, it seems like this basic human condition
becomes harder to overcome. The opportunities to suffer have
seemingly only expanded, as have the opportunities to create wealth
from it. The more wealth and possibilities we create, the more
precarious and vulnerable we seem to become.

"This ongoing project started with a personal crisis. To examine at my own suffering I turned outward, becoming interested in the nature of suffering in all of its various forms. Using photographs and text I was interested in asking if all 'kinds' of suffering are equal. Are existential crises, such as famine and conflict, more serious than the suffering associated with heartbreak and emotional or mental afflictions? With all the changes to the environment can it be said that the environment is 'suffering'? Or are only humans experiencing these consequences in the form of suffering?"

Mireille turned to the internet as a source for images and text that illustrate our various crises. For this project she sees her role as an image maker who retells an old story through today's lenses. She takes the existing raw materials and makes associations that bring new synergies to light, hopefully provoking us to make better choices. Or is this simply how we, as a species, interpret evolution and regulation?

In her personal work Mireille draws from her background in architecture and photo-journalism to investigate the built world and the dualistic, often destructive ways in which we occupy it. She uses photography as a means of posing questions about our choices with respect to how we organize ourselves and the built world and their resulting environmental, social and interpersonal consequences.
Born in Romania in 1977, Mireille emigrated to New York City with her family in 1981. She earned a Masters in Architecture as well as Bachelors degrees in Studio Art and Marketing. Her trajectory has served to enrich her practice in both architectural photography as well as the personal projects she pursues.
Mireille has been based in Berlin since 2014.
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