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Special coming-of-age story of a human rights activist

Nasser El-Ahmad from Berlin comes from a Lebanese-Muslim family. As a child and eldest son, he is the darling of the relatives, but the upbringing becomes stricter with age: Music is “haram”, television and the Internet are only allowed to a limited extent. When the conflicts with his father becomes more and more substantial, Nasser increasingly looks for freedom outside the family.

Szene aus NASSER#7Leben
Szene aus NASSER#7Leben David Balzer /

At the age of 15 he discovers the queer party scene in Berlin and is outed on Facebook. When his parents find out, it means the end of his life until then.

“NASSER # 7Leben” tells a special coming-of-age story based on Nasser’s fate about a growing person who had to go through a lot of bad things and yet never lost sight of the courage to lead a self-determined life. His unwavering will for freedom and independence gave him the strength to rebel and to this day make him an important activist against homophobia and for tolerance and human rights. Nasser El-Ahmad is a role model for many young people. At the end of 2015 he was awarded the “Respect Prize” of the Berlin “Alliance against Homophobia”.

By Susanne Lipp based on interviews with Nasser El-Ahmad

Performing rights: NASSER# 7Leben  - Felix Bloch Erben GmbH & Co. KG Verlag für Bühne Film und Funk

Premiere: 14.03.2017

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Recommended for class 8 - 12

Duration: 1:10 h without break

From 13 years

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Participating artists
Ludwig Brix (Nasser El-Ahmad)
Katja Hiller (Mutter Tahira / Onkel Kaleb / Sachbearbeiterin u.v.m.)
Jens Mondalski (Vater Ibrahim / Betreuer Felix Nölte / Janine u.v.m.)
Öz Kaveller (Musikerin / Schwester Hanan / Grenzer u.v.m.)
Maria Lilith Umbach (Regie)
Lea Kissing (Bühne und Kostüme)
Alexander Merbeth (Video)
Öz Kaveller (Musik und Sounddesign)
Tobias Diekmann (Dramaturgie)
Ellen Uhrhan (Theaterpädagogik)
David Vogel (Theaterpädagogik)
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GRIPS Theater: GRIPS Podewil
GRIPS Theater: GRIPS Podewil
GRIPS Theater: GRIPS Podewil
GRIPS Theater: GRIPS Podewil