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Name change are Neo Hülcker and Stellan Veloce. Friendship, fun and a shared passion for patterned shirts were the starting point for the duo, which combines improvised experiments with noise, acoustic instruments (zither, harmonicas, whistles, etc.) and synthetic sounds as well as "a cappella" episodes and other musical twists.

New Hemispheres Ratios is a piece for the Isla S2400 8-track sampler. Cello, bass clarinet sounds, sine tones and pulses by Lucio Capece.

In Pythagorean intonation, ratio describes physical and mathematical ways of understanding intervals. If you take as a starting point a certain polyrhythmic structure that has a certain ratio and then speed it up, you get a pitch interval that corresponds to that ratio. Conversely, if you take an interval in which tones are in a certain relationship to one another and slow it down, you get a polyrhythm with the same number of pulses as the two numbers of the ratios that sound in the same period of time. Example: 9/8 ratio: 9/8 rhythm: 2nd interval.

The cello sounds were commissioned from a precise Just Intonation player, the bass clarinet sounds were recorded by Lucio Capece himself and the sine-sawtooth tone pulses were generated using a Supercollider-specific Just Intonation patch according to exact mathematical calculations. The sounds are reproduced in 8 independent voices, which are controlled by the Isla S2400 sampler via four or 8 independent speakers. The Isla Sampler is a device modeled after the legendary E-MU 1200, a sampler that was very popular in the 90s, especially in the hip-hop scene and in particular by the legendary J Dilla.

In the piece, the same number of ratios form the basis of a polyrhythmic structure, as do the pitches that then form the intervals of the overlapping sequences.
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Name Change

Neo Hülcker – zyther, harmonicas, pipes, toys, voice

Stellan Veloce – zyther, harmonicas, pipes, toys, voice

Lucio Capece – Sampler Isla S2400