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The photo exhibition with works from the collection of Udo Krollmann as well as the Gallery Kahmann in Amsterdam shows around 60 works by renowned photographers such as Marcus Schaefer, Albert Watson, Walker Evans, Rutger ten Broeke, Neeltje de Vries, Sara Punt and the duo Schilte & Portielje. All photographers have been working with Roy Kahmann for years. Their impressive oeuvre of black-and-white creations, gathered over the past two decades, draws focus to the recurring theme in art of the undisguised beautiful.

Marcus Schaefer uses his art to express his inner states of mind. By exploring intimacy, sensitivity and abstraction, the Paris-based German refutes the assumption that black and white photography is old-fashioned. In his work, black is a factor of vulnerability, softness, and thus lends it entirely new levels of meaning.

Walker Evans is one of the most famous photographers of the 20th century and is considered the inventor of documentary photography, such as the works for the Farm Security Administration documenting the effects of the Great Depression. His works are "literal, authoritative, transcendent." His photographic art is represented in museum collections and has been part of retrospectives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the George Eastman Museum.

Scottish photographer Albert Watson, the master of celebrity portraits, captured the zeitgeist of pop culture with some of the most iconic shots of Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson, David Bowie and Prince. As a fashion photographer, he shot over 100 covers for Vogue in the 1990s featuring model stars from Kate Moss to Christy Turlington. In Watson's work, nudity is characterized by an antagonistic play of strength and vulnerability, eroticism and shame, lust and addiction.

Sara Punt is known for her versatile abstractions and strong contrasts. Punt abstracts independent forms from naked bodies. Her goal is thus to separate person and body, and thus person and social projection.

Albarran Cabrera, an artist duo from Barcelona, only make their prints personally using different processes and materials in their studio. Time, reality, existence, identity and empathy and the relationship between them are their themes, using photography as their means of expression. Her work has been shown in many countries in Europe, Japan and the United States and is represented in the collection of Hermès, the Goetz Collection, the Art Collection of the German Parliament and the Banco de Santander.

Rutger ten Broeke, a key figure in the development of photographic art in the Netherlands, is known for his classic black-and-white works that focus on the nude body. He explores the relationship between the female body and nature, resulting in timeless and harmonious photographs. Ten Broeke works exclusively in analog and places great emphasis on extremely high quality prints.

Neeltje de Vries focuses on female beauty. She wants to touch the recipients of her images and tell them stories, stories between friction and power, satisfaction and disturbance.

Huub Schilte and Jacqueline Portielje explore the possibilities of the computer as an artistic medium. The computer is both their digital darkroom and their drawing board. In doing so, they push the boundaries of reality and fantasy.

Nora Papp exhibited as one of the most outstanding young photographic artists at the HAUTE Photography exhibition in Rotterdam in 2019. The Swiss artist combines her interest in human perception with her exploration of the image as object. She develops her works using common image processing programs on the computer, where she collects "aesthetic data" by dissecting the digital image.

... and many more artists

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Opening weekend 4 & 5 March 12:00 - 19:00
Following: Friday 14:00 -18:00; Saturday 14:00-19:00 and Sunday 14:00 - 17:00