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On a slow and contemplative journey the performers Akemi, Bettina, Johanna and Evelyn attempt to come closer to their departed grandmothers. Their path traces the female lineages in the history of four families and their diverse sociocultural environments. In search of a connecting language between the living and the dead, they interweave different bodies, materials and technologies, bringing forth delicate movements, migrating sounds and voices, and an ever-growing fabric of memory. Radio receivers and electromagnetic pickups voice the invisible. In the echo of gestures, absences become tangible and silences begin to speak.

Additional information
Grandmothers was made possible due to the kind support of Dirty Debüt and of the residency programme “Explorationen und Vertiefungen” run by Uferstudios GmbH and funded by the Berlin Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt.

Vierte Welt