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Double exhibition with Jessica Arseneau | Philip Valentina

The historic cellar is over 500 years old. In contrast, the works of Jessica Arseneau and Philipp Valenta show a present accelerated by technical progress. In precise settings, questions about the relationship between man, nature and technology are raised in the form of video, sound and installation.

The exhibition leads into a landscape where lava rock, wind and copper meet the stones of the cellar. States between sleeping and waking, light and dark alternate and become inseparable. In everyday perceptions we experience these states as exhaustion. The meditative atmosphere hides a fleetingness and fragility.

Arseneau's videos make the different temporalities perceptible. Valenta's works are inspired by processes of value creation. The basement thus becomes visible as an economic storage place, lying beneath the visible surface of the accelerated present, but not separate from it.

Curated by Dr. Jens-Ole Rey and Julien Rathje.
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