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MXM Duo Transcends Traditional Stage Boundaries with an Immersive Concert Experience. The dynamic duo MXM, consisting of Mirella Brandi and Muep Etmo, already recognized in Berlin's contemporary art scene for their immersive performances, will present a unique rendition of the Piano and Light Concert at Acker Stadt Palast on Wednesday, February 7th, at 8 pm.

This mesmerizing live performance pushes the boundaries of stage and music, presenting contemporary compositions for piano and light that create a sensory masterpiece, transforming the performance space into a dynamic canvas.

Mirella Brandi is a luminary in the art of light, and Muep Etmo is a versatile musician, composer, and sound engineer. Since 2006, they have been exploring the intricate relationship between light and music through immersive, multidisciplinary performances that amalgamate concepts from Expanded Cinema, Contemporary Music, and Visual Art.
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Participating artists
Mirella Brandi (Licht)
Muep Etmo (Musik)