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2nd Part of the War Trilogy

Anna Fierling travelled through a ravaged, traumatised and continually degenerating Europe during the Thirty-Years-War. In a time when ideologies served as cover for a complete dehumanisation, she went from one theatre of war to the other to peddle her wares. Her business sense is her drive, her business models are calamities and death.

Fierling’s plan to lead her children through the devastation unscathed is doomed to fail spectacularly. Director Oliver Frljić’s »War Trilogy« was launched with Danton’s Death / Iphigenia.

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Additional information
By Bertolt Brecht
Participating artists
Maryam Abu Khaled
Yanina Cerón
Lea Draeger
Marina Frenk
Kenda Hmeidan
Oliver Frljić
Katrin Wolfermann
Simon Meienreis