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Musical cabaret: Empirical sandwiches

Whether poem or piano song, comedian Marco Tschirpke knows how to be brief. Laced with references to art and history, an evening with him is above all an intellectual pleasure.

Portrait Marco Tschirpke
Portrait Marco Tschirpke © Promo

The way he mixes today with yesterday and the high with the low is so outrageously funny and entertaining that his audience often can't get enough of it. And the kitchen lyric is not neglected either. Would you like a taste? "FONDUE - that means: At round tables / Fishing together in the doldrums."

The fact that Tschirpke is also considered one of the most cunning pianists in his field is due to a joy of playing that often leads him to breakneck maneuvers. His latest volume of poetry, "Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Günther" (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Günther, 2015), became a Spiegel bestseller.

Marco Tschirpke won, among others, the German Kleinkunstpreis 2018, the Herborner Schlumpeweck, Tegtmeiers Erben and the Stuttgarter Besen (audience award)

(Program in German)
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Marco Tschirpke
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