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Three exclusive live performances in one evening. In the musical spheres event series, three musical acts transform the stage of the Planetarium Room and take the audience to a unique concert under the heavens. Aspiring music stars surrounded by visuals that are controlled live and allow the audience to immerse themselves in new galactic expanses make for a very special and effective experience.

The show kicks off with Blazey, Maury111 and Martha Rose:

With Blazey, we have found a true rising star in the musical firmament. The singer, songwriter and entertainer with roots in Togo combines colourful Afrobeats with modern pop and RnB in his sounds. His debut single "All Good " was streamed more than five million times on Spotify and reached the top 40 of the German radio charts.

The second highlight of the evening is the Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Martha Rose . Rooted in medieval folk and groove, the singer combines vibrant synths with pulsating disco rhythms. With her songs, Martha Rose creates a mood which is both extraordinary and atmospheric.

Maury111 defines his style as "mysticosmic" pop, a mixture of bionic sounds, live baritone guitar loops and introspective moods paired with dreamy vocals and cosmic content. In the Zeiss Groβplanetarium, Maury111's electro indie pop blends in perfect symbiosis with the live projections to create a unique interplay.

The musical spheres concert series combines cosmic live performances with impressive visualisations. The event series takes place every two months.

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Price: €18.00