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music of silence

Música callada (“Music of Silence”) deals with the cultural legacies of minorities who were systematically discriminated against, persecuted and exterminated by totalitarian dictatorships in Germany (during National Socialism) and Spain (during Frankism).

Carmen Celada (soprano) and Nikos Tsiachris (guitar) want to bring the musical legacies of the persecuted closer to the audience. In the concert, the music of Jews, Gitanos (Spanish Roma) and homosexuals, which was silent at the time, is to be given a voice.

The program includes

1. Songs from the Sephardic Jewish Diaspora: To this day, Spanish-speaking communities exist in Greece, Turkey and Syria

2. Flamenco songs of the Gitanos, which have been persecuted and criminalized since early modern times.

3. "Canciones populares" by the poet Federico García Lorca, murdered by the nationalists during the civil war because of his homosexuality.

Organiser: Kladower Forum, support: Support group for the reed roof chapel