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The Peruvian music archaeologist Gonzalo Rodriguez and Maurice Mengel, ethnomusicologist at the Humboldt Forum, will guide you through the collection of Inca musical instruments at the Ethnological Museum. Music was an important aspect of the Inca Empire (1200-1532). The most important instruments were the long and pan flutes, trumpets and drums. During Inca rule, there was a lively exchange between different regional cultures, so that a particularly large number of new hybrid musical instruments were created during this period.

Using the instruments on display, Rodriguez will introduce visitors to different archaeological musical cultures in Peru today. In recent years, Rodriguez himself has constructed replicas of historical instruments from the Berlin collection. Rodriguez will use these to demonstrate some of the characteristics and playing techniques of Inca flutes. 

The tour will be held in English. Questions in German and Spanish are also possible.

- Language: English
- from 12 years
- 2ND FLOOR. Ethnological collection
- admission free
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