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Köpenick Palace Concert

Although the original music book is lost, there is no doubt that the copy in this collection is a compendium. It documents in a unique, authentic and comprehensive way the music-making practice at the court of Frederick the Great and also his musical taste. The appeal of these performances lies in the diversity and combination of the known and the unknown - a representative insight into musical life at the Prussian court in the 18th century.

Works by Georg Friedrich Handel, Johann Christian Schickhardt, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Augustin Reinhardt Stricker, Johann David Heinichen and Sylvius Leopold Weiss

  • Susanne Ehrhardt | recorder
  • Yuko Tomeda | harpsichord

Please book an online ticket in advance.


Music in Brandenburg Castles e.V. in cooperation with the State Museums in Berlin

The program is subject to change.

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Price: €36.00

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