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Museum Sunday at the Brücke Museum. Admission is free. You do not need a time slot ticket for your visit. Please register for the events on site at the information table in the Brücke Museum.


Guided tours through the exhibition The Assault of the Present on the Rest of Time. Artistic Testimonies of War and Repression

noon–12.30 pm (GER)
with Karen Michelsen Castañón (art eductor)

1–1.30 pm (GER)
with Karen Michelsen Castañón (art eductor) and Philipp Lange (assitant curator)

2–2.30 pm (GER)
with Karen Michelsen Castañón (art educator) and Philipp Lange (assitant curator)

3–3.30 pm (EN)
with Karen Michelsen Castañón (art eductor)


Workshop in the Waldraum (Forest Room)

noon–4 pm
Documentation of a Dream
Drop-in Collage Workshop

Do you remember your dreams? In dreams we process different feelings. Sometimes they are abstract, scary or fantastic. Together we will document and collage memories and symbols from your dream worlds.

With the artist duo Meeting Lines:
Marcos García Pérez and Carla Schliephack
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