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The Krimisalon in the Bruno Lösche Library (Perleberger Straße 33, 10559 Berlin) invites you to a "Murderous Crime Night" on December 8, at 7:30 pm. The focus of the event is - in addition to good entertainment - the presentation of texts across the genre of crime fiction. Nine authors immerse themselves in the world of crime. When their time is up, a shot rings out and the next author enters the stage. They include Claudia Giesdorf, Swenja Karsten, Slavica Klimkowsky, Andrea Maluga, Heidi Ramlow, Connie Roters, Susanne Rüster, Comsha Stein and Gisela Witte - all of whom belong to the regional group of the Berlin Mörderische Schwestern. The moderation is in the hands of Kerstin Finkelstein. The "Singing Saw" Katharina Micada will be the musical guest.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Mörderische Kriminacht
Mörderische Schwestern

December 8 is Crime Day, proclaimed by the crime writers' association Syndikat: the anniversary of the death of Friedrich Glauser, after whom the prestigious German-language crime fiction prize is named. Every year on this date, the Syndikat hosts the event, which raises money for charity.

Admission is free, but instead - as the Mörderische Schwestern have decided - donations are requested for the "White Ring", which looks after victims of crime. The event is sponsored by Neustart Kultur.

(Language: German)
Additional information
Telephone registrations at: 030-901833025. Please note the currently valid corona rules.