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The improv thriller from MomentMal!

The improv thriller at prime time, but on Saturday! There is murder and investigation, as befits a crime evening. False leads, dramatic relationships, desperate detectives and hopefully a solved case at the end of the story. What happens is ultimately in the hands of the audience. This is improvisational theater - premiere and derniere on an evening that no one will forget.

Wait a moment! is the improv group from the tik lap. It all started in 2022 with the improv course led by Beng & Beng. Nobody had predicted what happened next. A group emerged, improvised and full of enthusiasm, creativity and courage. Colorful people of all stripes have found each other and the fun of improvising. Now, after exhibitions and shows, they are daring to create their first full-length long format.

Admission from 7.30 p.m