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No means no, means no, means no. Point. But what if this self-evident dissolves? If this imperative is no longer valid, the world of the affected person gets out of joint. With her dance piece "Mujer", choreographer Sara Lu addresses domestic violence that is practiced by men and inflicts unbelievable suffering on the women involved.

Mujer © Ramba Zamba Theater

The three dancers go through brutality, show their vulnerability, make their wounds public and thus regain the authority to interpret the perpetrators. By the way, the Spanish word Mujer means both wife and wife in Spanish. Sara Lu is a Spanish dancer and choreographer who completed her studies at the prestigious Victor Ullate Dance School in Madrid and held various positions in the Bey Proaction Company, Shima Spain Mura (Japan) and various Chinese dance companies. In 2014 she came to Berlin and founded the Chaim Gebber-Open Scene with Chaim Gebber. She is a teacher of jazz, modern and ballet, as well as a master of audio description and subtitling for blind people. For the RambaZamba Theater she worked on the dance theater productions "Sisters" and "HEROES Myth Basquiat, just for one day"; In the production "Moby Dick" she was - together with Rúben Nsue - also responsible for the choreography and to be seen as an actress on stage.

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