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For the first time, Berlin-based choreographer and dancer Hea Min Jung and Amsterdam-based percussionist Sun-Mi Hong can be seen on stage in a joint collaboration. Together with trumpeter Alistair Payne and pianist Jozef Dumoulin, four artists come together to combine contemporary dance and jazz in an exciting performance with their improvisations in a sensitive way and at the highest artistic level.

In keeping with the motto "Language + Rhythm + Body", dancer Hea Min Jung also explores sounds that are produced directly on the body and relates them to the musical language of the three musicians.
You can look forward to the multi-layered interplay between rhythm, body and musical language.

With a down-to-earth groove combined with well-dosed outbursts, drummer Sun-Mi Hong has firmly established herself in the Dutch jazz scene. Her album "A Self-Strewn Portrait" (ZenneZ Records) won the Edison Award 2021 in the "National" category. She is the winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition 2018 and was awarded 2nd prize at the Getxo International Jazz Competition 2017 with the Sun-Mi Hong Quintet. In 2022 she released a new album with her quintet on Edition Records.

Hea Min Jung is a Berlin-based Korean choreographer and dancer who explores physical imperfections and boundaries in her work. She completed her master's degree in contemporary dance at the Korean National University of Arts. She has been a freelance dancer with various dance companies in Europe since 2016. She was awarded the jury and audience prize for the best solo at the SoloDuo Tanzfestival Köln 2023.

  • Hea Min Jung, dance
  • Sun-Mi Hong, percussion
  • Alistair Payne, trumpet
  • Jozef Dumoulin, keyboard

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Participating artists
Hea Min Jung
Tanz Sun-Mi Hong
Schlagzeug Alistair Payne
Trompete Jozef Dumoulin