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Concert with Eurico Ferreira Mathias, Kaio Moraes and Trigo Santana.

This concert is a tribute to the legendary Brazilian composer and musician Moacir Santos.

Moacir Santos, born in 1926, gained fame through his groundbreaking contributions to jazz as well as Brazilian and African American music. His fusion of different musical styles and innovative arrangements brought him international recognition and left a lasting impression on the global music scene.

He was a pioneer in bridging cultural divides – and as such, Moacir Santos serves as the guiding inspiration for the transcultural project Muacy Trio.

Muacy Trio consists of cellist Eurico Ferreira Mathias, bassist and guitarist Trigo Santana, and violinist and composer Kaio Moraes.
For this project, Trigo Santana has created arrangements that honor Moacir Santos‘ legacy and demonstrate the liveliness of his compositions.

The concert performed by the Muacy Trio on this evening takes the audience on a journey through the diverse compositions of Moacir Santos. Mathias, Santana, and Moraes combine Black musical traditions with classical instruments.

Against the habit of traditional musical order, the musicians of the Muacy Trio create a cultural possibility, their own richness of sound.

And this composition is truly unique in its design: it is a celebration of musical heritage and the fact that it enables a variety of future collaborations – all in the spirit of United Polyphonic!

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With: Eurico Ferreira Mathias, Kaio Moraes and Trigo Santana

A production by Kultursprünge at Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH.
Participating artists
Leonard Beck (Produktionsleitung)
Eurico Ferreira Mathias
Trigo Santana
Kaio Moraes
Juninho Ibituruna