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Tradition alongside modernism, structure alongside intuition, sound
alongside noise, reason alongside emotion, clarity alongside a feeling of
overpowering. The works of Jüri Reinvere can not be pigeonholed. His flexible
style that works out the transition from music to poetry uses the narrative of
Ismael and Isaac, sons of Abraham. The narration and its different
interpretations in the bible and the Quran contributed to conflicts between
Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but is still related to issues of our time.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Mosaik der Kulturen
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“There is a lot of drama in this work. It is deeply rooted in human kind and shows, that the resolution of conflict often involved bloodshed.” says Reinvere.

The commissioned work Die Vertreibung des Ismael during the first half of the concert precedes music from the Middle Ages, Early Renaissance and the 19th century, which reflects the topical and ideological roots of the premiere.  


Franz Schubert
Gesang der Geister über den Wassern D 714

Hildegard von Bingen
O Virtus Sapientiae

Guillaume Dufay
Lamentatio Sanctae Matris
Ecclesiae Constatinopolitanae

Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
O Virgo splendens

Alfonso X el Sabio
Santa María, strela do día

Trad. Sephardisch / Ohad Stolarz (Arr.)
Cuando el rey Nimrod; Morenica

Trad. Ansar Naschid
Tala’ al-Badru ’Alayna

Robert Ramsey
When David heard that Absalon was slain

Jüri Reinvere
Die Vertreibung des Ismael (UA)

  • RIAS Kammerchor Berlin
  • Ensemble Resonanz
  • Justin Doyle Conductor

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