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Museum Barberini, Rückansicht an der Alten Fahrt
Museum Barberini, Rückansicht an der Alten Fahrt © Foto: Helge Mundt, Museum Barberini
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Monet. Places

The place is of decisive importance for the work of Claude Monet. Here the light, which is dependent on the seasons, the time of day and the weather, met with the landscape. Here Monet pursued the fleeting play of atmospheric phenomena - that which lay between him and the motif.



Again and again, he purposefully sought topographies whose motivic implementation posed a challenge.

The exhibition "Monet. Orte" is one of the most comprehensive retrospectives that a German museum has ever devoted to this main representative of French Impressionism.

With over 100 works, it traces the places that influenced Monet's painting - from the Seine villages of Argenteuil, Vétheuil and Giverny and the metropolis of Paris to destinations such as London and Venice. The show brings together numerous key works from all phases of Monet's career and is the first exhibition to examine Monet's artistic career in terms of the categories of choice of location and location awareness.

An exhibition of the Museum Barberini, Potsdam, in cooperation with the Denver Art Museum, Denver.

Under the patronage of I. E. Anne-Marie Descôtes, Ambassador of the Republic of France to Germany.

Due to the current situation, tickets are only available online.

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