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Ahmed leads the life of a camel herder, as his father did before him and as his son will do after him. The days of Ahmed and his fellow Bedouin are determined by the rhythm of the seasons, the needs of his beloved herd of camels, and the rich legends and tales that interweave his life with centuries-old traditions.

But Ahmed's world faces threats: from French colonizers, growing urbanization, and a drought more devastating than anything they've faced before. Initially, Ahmed tries to ignore these influences and focuses on his duties as a shepherd.

But when his most valuable camel Zarga disappears, Ahmed goes in search of it. What begins as an innocent journey turns into a dangerous venture that confronts him with the untamed beauty but also the depths of human existence and puts all his survival skills as a nomad in the desert to the test.

A timeless novel told in a poetic and subtle way. A Bedouin family's struggle to survive in the midst of a changing world raises timely questions of global responsibility.

The writer in dialogue with Mohamed Amjahid
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