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The Zehra label presents the debut album Istehlal of the Mohamad Zatari Trio at this concert. The trio, consisting of musicians from Syria, Iran and India, combines traditional Middle Eastern sounds with contemporary vibes.

Menschen vor einer Bühne
Menschen vor einer Bühne © AHOJ!

In a globalized world where music has lost its boundaries, Mohamad Zatari Trio stands out as an original cultural artifact that aims to transcend the borders between different musical worlds.

Founded in 2019, the ensemble made its first appearance in 2020 and features musicians Sara Eslami (Iran) on tar, Avadhut Kasinadhuni (India/Romania) on tabla, and Mohamad Zatari (Syria) on oud. Their debut, Istehlal, delves into its own aesthetics, politics, and sonic complexity, representing the combined efforts of three musicians who come from different but deeply rooted cultures.

Over the course of eleven songs, the album crosses stylistic, ideological, and geographical boundaries, reflecting on the human condition in an interconnected and interwoven technological world. The repertoire includes not only original compositions in various styles, but also newly arranged traditional pieces by influential composers Riad Al Sunbati (Egypt) and Hossein Alizadeh (Iran).

The Mohamad Zatari Trio presents itself as a strong new voice within a new generation of young musicians who carry on the musical legacy of great masters such as Ravi Shankar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Zakir Hussain with a fresh and contemporary approach.

The duo FLOCKS of the multi-instrumentalists Werner Durand & Uli Hohmann plays acoustic as well as electronic sounds with analog as well as digital sound generation. Self-made wind and string instruments, saxophone and hand drums as well as modular synthesizers and samplers form the instruments with which the two musicians create a fine minimalist texture. Orientally influenced melodic and rhythmic structures meet an experimental sound language.
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