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The ridiculousness or the stupidity or the sentimental illusions (feelings of greatness and power) of the striving for superiority - in our reality money and power - are represented . which cannot bring security, which cannot bring happiness, which cannot bring fulfillment, which cannot bring satisfaction, but can at most be a drug to cover up the inner or spiritual emptiness. All this could be a reason to laugh at or pity this pursuit.

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

But these sentimental illusions are unfortunately the cause of the gang war that has been raging since the beginning, causing suffering as the technical possibilities grow. The "Roman de Fauvel" was written by Gervais du Bus in 1308 and was supplemented by Chaillou de Pesstain in about 1316 with 169 musical pieces, drawings and other texts to form what is probably one of the most magnificent manuscripts of the time.

The performance of "COLLAGE - forum für frühe musik berlin" consists of a selection of music, pictures and narration of the most typical elements of the manuscript.

The donkey who wanted to marry happiness - The illusion of the pursuit of wealth and power

COLLAGE - forum for early music berlin plays.

Satirical-political medieval musical based on the 2-volume verse poem "Roman de Fauvel" (written in 1316); text: Gervais du Bus / Chaillou de Pesstain; music: anonymous, composers of the early 14th century, among others Philippe de Vitry.

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