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Vacation at home, siesta from the crisis, dolce vita in the middle of the middle. HER and HE step into the arena here as relentless rivals. He thinks you are the inferior species, explosive. SHE is able to compromise - as long as the man gives in to her.

An amorous fight, a race, a dance: the nouveau riche Conte and the impoverished Marchese are still neck and neck until the misogynistic Cavaliere - doped by Mirandolina - seems to pass them. And the servant Fabrizio, who will he bribe? Mirandolina keeps the game open, at least as long as she can, while the next pizza is being baked in the oven at the inn in Florence.

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Participating artists
Carlo Goldoni (Autor/in)
Hexenkessel Hoftheater (Autor/in)
Jan Zimmermann