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Puppet theater and dance for children from 2 to 12

A son hatches from an egg. He is a bit puny and is baptized Micky Mickrig. But he is the son of the misty crow and great sorceress "Reburak". A celebrity among witches and wizards. Micky Mickrig is about to mount a magic broom, but he does not dare. The crow witch "Reburak" is desperate! Why is Micky Mickrig so puny?

On the other side of the field lives Pepino the bat. He has many wishes: he loves fast cars and the fire department. And of course secrets! But he doesn't have any! Pepino and his best friend Augustino the crocodile decide to build a secret. Micky Mickrig overhears their conversation from a nearby bush. A secret? Mickey wants to be in on it too! But Pepino the bat refuses the raven boy. What is he supposed to do? Mickey develops a puny plan: He wants to destroy Pepino's fire truck. The plan succeeds. With the broken fire engine in his hands, Pepino seeks revenge. Can the wise crocodile prevent Pepino's revenge?

The play "Micky Mickrig and the great wishes" is about wishes. But above all about diplomacy and friendship. And of course about the resulting emotions such as longing, anger, sadness, joy, sympathy and generosity, which can be danced by the children.

(Program in German)
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