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The daughter of a ballerina from Kirov and an engineer from Leningrad, Michelle grew up in Toronto, Canada, amid her parents' record collection, thrown together from Soviet sounds and European '70s sounds.

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The songs on Michelle Gurevich's sixth album, Ecstasy in the Shadow of Ecstasy, deal with an endless desire and open up new spaces to be raw and vulnerable. The album's recurring themes are the pursuit and remembrance of euphoria, the art and lust of living, romantic friendships and untrodden paths.

Decadent, dramatic, serious - old keyboards and synthesizers create a kind of solitary interpretation of a great feeling, while the voice in the foreground tells about themes that come from somewhere in the mishmash of European chanson. Between nostalgic motifs and a surprising sincerity, Gurevich's songs are tragicomic, driven by melodies, sentimental and shrouded in a shadowy glamour.

Her intimate and smoky ballads combine humor with gritty realism with their biting, fatalistic lyrics.

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