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MIA - the electro-pop band with its strong front woman is indispensable in the German-speaking scene. One could think they have always existed. With their seventh studio album "Limbo" the band has eleven new songs in their luggage with their usual creative lyrics and rocking melodies. With all-time hits like "Alles neu", "Hungriges Herz", "Tanz der Moleküle" or "Fallschirm", MIA. have long been a part of recent German cultural history and yet still feel most at home live on stage.

MiA. Promo - Reservix

MIA. combines poppy lightness with danceable electro sounds and grooving guitar riffs, hitting the nerve of a life-affirming generation. Above the reminiscence of the club sound of the 90s and above all the electro loops and riffs of the band members floats the clear voice of singer Mieze, who provides the audience live with pure energy.

MIA. makes the hearts of their audience dance and gets every molecule moving. Music fans who like to let themselves fall into comforting clouds of sound and want to turn up in equal measure will never get enough of MIA's music. Now the band is turning up the volume again live at Huxleys Neue Welt!

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