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As performer Mezerg, Marc Mezergue turns the piano into an electronic tool. And makes clubs and halls shake with it. He is a unique electronic one-man-band. A piano, keyboards, a theremin for volume and sound regulation, an arpeggiator for harmonics, many pedals for the electronic drums, a few effect devices, sophisticated equipment that the nimble Frenchman operates simultaneously on stage and impresses with. He combines acoustic sounds, alienated sound and pure electro to create an organic, new sound.

MEZERG auf der Bühne
MEZERG auf der Bühne FKP Scorpio

Mezergue uses Ravel's "Bolero", "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors, deep house, acid, funk like dance tracks, which he refines with pure electro technology. The way Mezerg handles his instruments and equipment is breathtaking and can only really be experienced at his live performances. In spring there will be the chance to do so, because then Mezerg will come to Berlin again.

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