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Meret Becker En Concert – Le Grand Ordinaire

»Le Grand Ordinaire« is a collage of musical images and surreal songs that tell of travellers. The longing to run away together, to set off, to flee - inside and out, never to arrive, the fear of the stranger and the fear of being a stranger.

The recurring theme is a circus that makes its way like a vague memory. "The magician does tricks, the audience does the magic," says Meret. What at first sounds like a cheesy claim is a fact. The magician manipulates objects and takes advantage of human perceptual weaknesses. For the audience, however, things can float in space, disappear, come back and much more.

The spectators are the actual magicians. Meret wants to use this ability and, together with her band The Tiny Teeth, brings musical images to the stage, comparable to a soundtrack for an inner film. On the one hand, it consists of miniatures that sound like music being played in a music box or in a snow globe.

Above all, the romantic-bizarre instruments of music clowns are used here: music box, children's piano, glass harp and musical saw. They tell of the sailors among the stage people, who like to speak all languages at the same time and hold them up on the cliffs with all their might, standing upright, with tangled hair. And the tent creaks and groans like a sinking ship, but not a single rat goes overboard, because it smells - no - stinks of adventure.

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