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DT Jung*

Pulsating electro beats and dazzling personalities: everything seems perfect in Wursthof, the former GDR slaughterhouse in Friedrichshain, which became a legendary club in Berlin after the fall of the Wall. Strobo, Pupil and Kutte celebrate there together with their friends on May 1, 1993, not knowing what impact this night will have on their lives.

Players from DT Jung*, dancers from Sasha Waltz & Guests' children's and youth dance company, artists from Cabuwazi and players from Street University Berlin talk about reunification, love, emancipation and friendship to world-class techno.

Berlin in the 90s: the ruins of a former GDR slaughterhouse in Friedrichshain were home to one of Berlin's most legendary clubs - the legendary Wursthof - since shortly after reunification. Occupied by young people seeking freedom and transferred to a place that was characterized by the pulsating beats of electronic music and dazzling personalities who celebrated their lives on the dance floors.

Everything seemed perfect within these gray concrete walls - a separate universe of harmonious noise. The young Sascha is part of a group of friends who celebrate together in the Wursthof on May 1, 1993, unaware of the impact this night will have on their lives.

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Additional information
by Paula ThieleckeDirector: Paula Thielecke
Participating artists
Paula Thielecke (Regie und Text)
Demian Wohler (Bühne)
Slavna Martinovic (Kostüme)
Wibke Storkan (Choreografie)
Paula Schopf (Live-DJ und Sounddesign)
Maša Stanić (Art Work und Video)
Kimmy Bährens (Mentorin Street University Berlin)
Jasmin Maghames (Dramaturgie)
Maura Meyer (Dramaturgie)
Isaak Antwi
Giulia Bauer
Moritz Busch
Piere Maliek Buz
Louis Eberhardt
Theresa Kaplick
Tommy Lehmpuhl
Linka Richter
Ayleen Tunçer
Lotta von Polheim
Chica Paula (Paula Schopf) (Live-DJ)