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In January 2022, rapper Megaloh will perform at Festsaal Kreuzberg as part of his 22 Tour. 

The concerts of the last few years, the clubs and festivals, have not ground him down - on the contrary, they have made him even hungrier. Megaloh knows how fragile success is. For long enough, he has viewed the music business skeptically.

He knows that album sales and streams alone are no guarantee of a stable career. Live performances underpin status, pay the rent and manifest the true greatness of an MC. You have to see him to know who all the others are up against.

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The Festsaal Kreuzberg is easily accessible for wheelchair users, as a wheelchair ramp is available. At events, an accompanying person is admitted free of charge if this is noted on the disabled person's ID card.

The gallery is only accessible via stairs, the hall itself is located on the ground floor. The checkroom cannot be used by wheelchair users, as it is located on the gallery. There is no wheelchair platform at events, so early arrival ensures better seats. There are no handicapped accessible restrooms. We cannot say whether there are disabled parking spaces nearby
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