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exhibition and site tour

For 40 years, the Stasi secured the rule of the state party SED. In its “fight against the enemy,” the Ministry for State Security continued to expand – in Lichtenberg and the entire GDR.

In 1990, courageous citizens not only saved the secret police's documents from destruction, they also made Mielke's headquarters a public space again. Today the Stasi documents archive is located here and provides information about the work of the Stasi and its documents.

"A monument of surveillance": The Stasi records archive contains 111 kilometers of files, many of which contain personal data about people - collected by the state. The exhibition “Insight into the Secret” makes the importance of this archive understandable.

After the tour, you have the opportunity to visit the sample file collection. It consists of reproductions of original Stasi documents. In addition to factual files and personnel documents from Stasi officers, there are also files from those affected. They have agreed to the publication of their documents and make it possible to gain a “glimpse into the secret”.

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(Program in German)
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Meeting point: Foyer "House 7" (Stasi Records Archive)

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Booking: Registration via or phone 030 18665 6699