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When we were a constellation

Max Prose's poems were there from the beginning. They are often the origin of his songs and sometimes vice versa.

His fans know this: Around 800 subscribers are sent a new poem by post every month in a specially developed system, the “Gedichtbabo”, which will be available again in 2024. He is now collecting the poetry that has emerged over the last few years in the new volume of poems “When we were a star image”. In addition to the poems, there are also the illustrations by Andrea Dilzer, which have accompanied the poetry subscription from the beginning.

On the accompanying tour, Prose plays not only a few regular concerts and readings, but also special places such as small theaters, planetariums and meditation halls. Places where poems can be read well. The music is always there, in the form of a harmonium, piano or just as it all began - on the guitar.

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