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The exhibition shows a selection of photos from the three series "I wish the world was even" (2019), "Blue Bar" (2020) and "I had to shed my skin" (2022). All three projects are landscape studies and all three are based on road trips. His photos aim to be aesthetic and lyrical metaphors for a human condition.

"I wish the world was even" describes a two-month journey from Milan to the North Pole, crossing Europe vertically. “Blue Bar” is a study of the Po River, the 652 km long waterway that divides Italy in two geographically and culturally. The images in I had to shed my skin were taken in and around Pescara, a small coastal town on the Adriatic coast in central Italy where Matteo Di Giovanni was born. What ties all three series together is the lack of any geographical connotation.

Matteo Di Giovanni, born in 1980, obtained an MA in Documentary Photography from the University of Westminster in London in 2012. Matteo Di Giovanni's work is exhibited internationally. He lives and works in Milan, Italy.
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